The designers of the Lambretta footwear lines have let themselves inspired by the symbiosis of the country where the famous brand was born, Italy and the land of the Mods, the United Kingdom. There is no other place in the world where class and nostalgia define the scene as much as in these two countries. With the existing lines of fashion Lambretta is giving new life to that flavour for class from the 1950s and ‘60s, making it accessible for every nationality. The designs and materials are both refined and wearable, creating a timeless collection. Lambretta does not let itself be dictated by fashion hypes and chooses an entirely own, universal, style that is almost tangible in all its creations. By doing this Lambretta is fulfilling the demand of the new consumer, whose personal taste surpasses idle trends and is more interested in the nostalgic value of the design. Every design aspect of the clothing has gone through a thorough thought process; this also includes the materials that are used. High quality is not enough for Lambretta. Every piece of the Lambretta footwear line has been created with the utmost respect for the human being and nature. The entire line is therefore also 100% child labor free. Every piece of clothing, of the men’s and women’s fashion line, has the original Lambretta logo, melting the past and the present into a tasteful line. Find our products in Lambretta footwear, other shops online or your local store.