Plane and Lambretta scooter waving ladies

The museum offers space to rare scooters from all around the world. Though Lambretta scooters are prominently represented, you can also find other scooter brands in the museum, creating an extensive exhibition.

Rare scooters

Even though the 115 scooters that are currently present in the museum are all very rare, there are a few models that deserve particular attention: Jane Mansfield’s gold plated Lambretta scooter (1962), the only Lambretta motor prototype (1953), the first European Honda scooter (1954), the first scooter to be built in Italy (a Simat from 1940) and a Lambretta ice-cream truck (1949).

Vittorio has two personal favorites: the Lambretta scooter Model A and a Salesbury scooter from 1937. The Lambretta scooter Model A was the first Lambretta scooter kept in the offices of Fernando Innocenti, which was realized through blood, sweat, tears and close cooperation with the founder of Lambretta. This story behind the scooter is what makes it so valuable to Vittorio.

There is no other scooter museum in the world that is as complete as Vittorio Tessera’s. He will however not rest until he has added an original Unibus scooter (The car on two wheels) to his unique collection.

Lambretta scooters museum