Lambro 550 N

1967 Lambretta 550N car old photo

The ‘550’ in these models refered not to the size of the engine but to the weight they could carry.



Date of production April 1967 ~ March 1969
total production 13.806
Capacity 198 cc
Bore x stroke 66×58 mm
Carburettor Dellorto SH 1/20
Gear 4 speeds with reverse Hand Controlled (Teleflex)
Power 9.2 cv a 4800 rev/min
Speed max 58 Km/h
Tyre Size 4.5×10, front 35 lb, rear 53 lb
Brakes Three drum brakes, hand-brake and hydraulics on rear wheels.
Tank capacity 11.5 L
Consumption 16 (Km/L)
Weight 390 kg
Overall length 2915 mm
Overall height 1670 mm
Overall width 1380 mm
Colors Grey, green and blue.
Price Not known.