J Range

1964 Lambretta scooter j range cento


Date of production March 1964~Nov. 1965 – ?????????
Scooters produced 17.642 – 16.052
Capacity 98 cc – 122 cc
Bore x stroke 51×48 – 57×48 (mm)
Carburettor Dellorto SHB 18/16
Gear 4 speeds Hand Controlled
Power 4.7 cv a 5.300 rev/min – 5.8 cv a 5.300 rev/min
Speed max 76 – 88 Km/h
Tyre Size 3×10
Brakes alluminium finned drum
Tank capacity 6.2 L- ??
Consumption 53- ?? (Km/L)
Weight 80- 90 (Kg)
Overall length 1690 – ???? (mm)
Overall eight 1030 – ???? (mm)
Overall width 630 – ???? (mm)
Price 109.000 – ?????? (Lire)

Identification details 100 J

No modifications of note during the course of production except for the adoption of a rectangular rather than round steering lock from December 1964.

Identification details 125 J3m

Version I through to December 1964 Cylindrical steering lock housing, front fork with screw fitting for the dampers.

Version II 1965-1966 Rectangular steering lock housing, front fork with press-in dampers. Simplified side-panel clasps without cog (from January 1966).

ATTENTION! Note: It is possible to find some examples of the 125 3m with the 1w25 4m frame. these are Lambrettas that have had their frame replaced under guarantee with one from the later versions. They cannot, therefore be considered as final production batch.

Identification details 125 4m

No modifications of note during the course of production. A version was prepared for export markets with a pivoting front mudguard and a false front cowling.

Frame numbers by year

J100 Cento

1964: 800001 – 814085
1965: 814086 – 817643

J125 Starstream

1966: 150001 – 158811
1967: 158812 – 161541
1968: 161542 – 166052
1969: 166053 – 166054

Colour schemes till mid-1967

Body colour parts Fork, frame, front mudguard, side-panels, handlebar and headset, wheel hubs, front brake shoe backing plate, wheel rims, spare wheel holder, cylinder head air intake manifold (2 pieces), tail-light body, stand, rear license plate holder.


Black finish Saddle frame.
Aluminium Rear damper.
Crank case Bare aluminium.
Carburettor Carburettor body and float chamber cover bare aluminium, zinc-plated screws and fittings.
Control cable sheaths Grey.
Saddles Black imitation leather version I and II. Dark blue imitation leather version III. Both with “Innocenti” rear script.
Silencer Painted aluminium silver.

Chromed parts

Frame Brake pedal, all leh-shield scripts, threaded kick-start lever bush, rear J100/ J125 scripts.
Electrical parts Headlamp bezel, light switch cover, horn grille.
Engine Kick-start lever (if in steel).

Zinc-plated parts

Front fork Screws and pins, wheel carriers.
Frame All screws and bolts, special washers, bushes, stand mounting plates.
Engine Levers, studs, nuts, and bolts, oil caps.
Wheels Plain and cap nuts, bushes, wheel hub brake levers.

Burnished parts

Engine Air filter pipe fixing spring.
Frame Plates and shaped bars for side-panel catches, stand spring, brake pedal spring, large rear suspension spring.

Polished parts

Frame Fuel tap and choke levers, side-panel levers, handlebar levers, handlebar lever carriers, leg-shield profile terminals.

Lechler system colours

Light Ivory 8054

125 J3m
Metallic Grey 8060
Metallic Blue 8062

125 J4m
Blue 04T Pastel Blue A (Suzuki)

Maintenance data

Fuel/oil mixture 2%
Spark plug Bosch 225/240 long thread
Engine oil SAE 90, 360g
Carburettor (100-125) Dell’Orto SH 18/16
max jet 70, min 40 – Valve 1
Carburettor (125 4m) Dell’Orto SH 18/16
max jet 72, min 40 – Valve 1
Ignnition advance 23°-25° 2.4-2.8 mm ahead of Top Dead Centre