E 125

1953 Lambretta scooter E 125

This model featured a hand operated pull start. Not many exist now as the pull start caused problems, most models were subsequently converted to kick start.



Date of production Apr 1953~Feb 1954
Scooters produced 42.352
Capacity 125 cc
Bore x stroke 52×58 mm
Carburettor Dellorto MU 14 B1
Gear 3 speeds Hand Controlled Teleflex
Power 3.8 cv a 4,500 g/min
Speed max 70 Km/h)
Tyre Size 4×8
Brakes pressed steel drums
Tank capacity 5.9L Reserve 0.7L
Consumption 60 Km/L
Weight 59 Kg
Overall length 1760 mm
Overall eight 950 mm
Overall width 660 mm handlebar
Colors green, grey, and maroon all metalized
Price 108.000 Lire
Aditional info Air cooled, Pull-cord started

Identification details

Earliest examples Teleflex cable support on engine fixed with a single stud bolt, engine number written with electric pen on transmission housing, sand-cast transmission casing.

Version I to middle of production run Ignition advance control with lever on crankcase, glovebox cover with no clips and only a central lock, leg-shield and rear mudguard welded to the frame.

Version II to end of production Flywheel with automatic advance, glovebox lid with lateral clasps and central lock, leg-shield and rear mudguard fixed to the frame with screws, front mudguard with supplementary support struts, silencer with right-hand exhaust (last examples only).

Framenumbers by year

1954: 042355 – 069064
1955: 069065 – 075057

Colour scheme and finishes

Body colour parts Fork, fork covers, frame, leg-shield, fuel tank, glovebox and cover, 2 glovebox cross-members, headlamp, front and rear mudguards, steeringhead badge mount (version with metal mount only).
Aluminium paint Wheel hubs, wheel rims, front brake shoe backing plate, front and rear saddle frames (including all large and small springs), stand< spare wheel holder, torsion bar lever (on left, below floorboards).
Crankcase Aluminium paint.
Carburettor Air filter grille nickel-plated, bare aluminium body and “tickler”, nickel-plated screws and fittings.
Control cable sheaths Grey
Saddles Mid-brown, coarse grain imitation leather, “Aquila Continentale” rear script.
Silencer Body matte black, chromed header pipe and circlip

Chromed parts

Frame Handlebar and its details, brake pedal. Rear glovebox lock cover, passenger grab-handle. Passenger footrest support bracket (optional).
Electrical parts Headlamp and tail lamp surround, horn grille.
Engine Exhaust header pipe and circlip.

Nickel-plated parts

Front fork Front wheel carriers and nuts.
Frame All screws and bolts, steeringhead lower bearing cap, special washers, bushes, tersion bar lever (on right below gear change control).
Electrical parts Light switch cover screws, horn bracket.
Engine Levers, studs, screws, oil plugs, complete Teleflex sheath.
Wheels Nuts, bushes, wheel hub brake levers.

Burnished parts

Engine Allen bolts.

Polished parts

Frame Headlamp bracket.

Lechler system colours

Olive green 8021
Aluminium (engine and frame) Fiat 690

Maintenance data

Fuel/oil mixture 5%
Spark plug Bosch 225 short thread
Engine oil SAE 15/50, 300g
Final drive SAE 140 100g
Carburettor Dell’orto MU 14B1, max jet 68
Jet 268B – Valve 50
25°, 24.5mm on flywheel circumference