1968 Lambretta scooter C(L) S(L) LUI

As the race to be the first person on the moon gathered pace, Innocenti’s new model was launched, the Luna range (Luna meaning silver moon). the machine looked very advanced and high-tec for its day, reverting back to the open frame style of the much admired ‘D’ types.



Date of production Aug. 1968~Dec. 1970 – Mar 1968~Jun. 1969
Scooters produced 27.812 – 9.402
Capacity 49.8 cc – 74.4 cc
Bore x stroke 38 x 44 – 46,4x 44 (mm)
Carburettor Dellorto SHA 14/12 – SHA 1/20
Gear 4 speeds Hand controlled
Power 1.48 cv a 4.600 rev/min. – 5,2cv a 6.300 g/min
Speed max 40-50(Km/h)
Tyre Size 3 x 10
Brakes finned drum
Tank capacity 6, reserve 0.8 – 6 (L)
Consumption 62 – 55 (Km/L)
Weight 68,5 – 76 (Kg)
Overall length 1700 – 1090 mm
Overall eight 1028 mm
Overall width 656 – 660 mm handlebar
Colors Orange, red, blue, silver and green
Panels color
Price 89.500/95.000 – 115.000/125.000 (Lire)

Additional info

LUI 75 LUI 75 sl (Lubematic) same performances with separated oil tank and jet lubrication
VEGA 75: named for export (Lui 75 s)
COMETA: named for export (Lui 75 sl)

LUI 50 VEGA: named for export only
LUNA: name and model for export only: 2,5 cv a 5.600 rev/min.

Identification details

Version I through to early 1969 “Lambretta” script on left-hand side of the leg-shield above the 50 C or CL script, handlebar levers without ball-end, chromed grille behind the headlight without script.
Version I through to early 1969 Lambretta script on leg-shield eliminated, rectangular LUI badge in the centre of the leg-shield, handlebar levers with ball-ends, chromed grille behind headlight with “Lambretta” script. In some cases, above the rectangular LUI badge, a small “Lambretta” script may be found.

Frame numbers by year

LUI (50C/CL) 1968: 575001 – 595666
1969: 595667 – 602814

Vega/Cometa (75S/SL) 1968: 650001 – 654543
1969: 654544 – 658873
1970: 658874 – 659405

Colour schemes and finishes

Body colour parts Fork, frame, leg-shield, front and rear mudguard, floorboard tunnel, inside leg-shield, fuel tank, headlight body (2-piece).
Aluminium crankcase finish 8081 Handlebar, wheel hubs, front brake shoe backing plate, wheel rims, stand, crankcase cover, brake pedal.
Gloss black Saddle frame.
Matte black Luggage rack, cylinder cover. 75 only: silencer grille (2-piece), license plate holder and tail-light.
Aluminium finish Rear damper.
Crankcase Bare aluminium. Crankcase cover painted aluminium 8081.
Carburettor Carburettor body and float chamber cover bare aluminium, zinc-plated screws and fittings.
Control cable sheaths Black
Saddles Black imitation leather with “Lambretta Innocenti” script.
Silencer Aluminium (50), chromed (75).

Chromed parts

Frame Front and rear scripts, rear damper spring.
Electrical parts Headlamp bezel, light switch cover. Grille behind headlight with chromed and black ribs. Tail-light (50CL).
Engine Kick-start lever. Exhaust (75).

Zinc-plated parts

Front fork Screws and pins, lower wheel carriers.
Frame All screws and bolts, special washers, bushes. Stand fixing plates.
Engine Levers, studs, screws and nuts, lubricators, oil caps.
wheels Plain and cap nuts, bushes, wheel hub brake levers.

Burnished parts

Engine Cast-iron exhaust header (75).
Frame Stand spring, brake pedal spring.

Polished parts

Frame Handlebar levers and lever carriers.

Lechler system colours

Crankcase aluminium 8081
50 C
White Thorn 8082
50 CL
Turquoise 8016
Orange 8037
Apple Green 8039
75 S-SL
Metallic Grey 8060
Ochre 8080

Maintenance data

Fuel/oil mixture 2%
Spark plug Bosch 225/240 long thread
Engine oil SAE 90, 450g (50) 620g (75)
Carburettor (50) Dell’Orto SH 14/12
max jet 52
Carburettor (75) Dell’Orto SH 1/20
max jet 68, min 45 Valve 1
Ignition advance 20°-22° 1.65-2.01 mm ahead of Top Dead Centre