48 Moped

1955 Lambretta scooter 48 Mopes


Date of production Aug. 1955~Dec. 1957 – Jan 1959~Mar 1961
Scooters produced 34.909 – 24.640
Capacity 47.75 cc
Bore x stroke 40 x 38 mm
Carburettor Dellorto T5-11S
Gear 4 speeds Hand Controlled
Power 1.7 cv a 5.000 g/min
Speed max 50 Km/h
Tyre Size 2×22
Brakes drums
Tank capacity 2.7 L
Consumption 80 Km/L
Weight 44 Kg
Overall length 1900 mm
Overall eight 1000 mm
Overall width 620mmr
Colors Red, blue and light grey
Price 71.000 Lire

Identification details Type 57

Version I to mid-1965 Stand in forged metal rod (from February 1956 in pressed steel), flywheel side cover with chrome inset carrying “Lambretta” script (from the end of 1955 the script was directly cast into the cover), engine disengagement pivot and metal toolbox cover, rear hub with chain tensioner.

Version II to October 1958 Stand in pressed steel, engine disengagement pivot and toolbox cover in plastic, rear hub with no chain tensioner, external headlight bezel screws. Carburettor cap (from September 1956), polished rear dampers (aluminium type, from October 1956).

Identification details Type 58

Version I to mid-1965 Twin-cable gear control, internal engine HT coil, cylinder head decompression device eliminated.

Version II to end of production Handlebar lever carriers manufactured by outside firm with straight throttle actuation.

Frame numbers by year

Type 57

1955: 000001 – 005929
1956: 005930 – 028085
1957: 028086 – 034911
1958: 034912 – 038223

Type 58

1958: ?????? – ??????
1959: ?????? – ??????
1960: ?????? – ?????
1961: ?????? – ?????

Colour schemes and finishes

Body colour parts Fork, frame, front and rear mudguards, fuel tank, luggage rack, toolbox (only if in metal), headlamp, rear fork, rear dampers, stand (for model in pressed steel only)
Body parts in Fiat 690 Aluminium Wheel hubs, fron and rear brake shoe backing plates, saddle frame.
Crank case Painted FIat 690 aluminium.
Carburettor Carburettor body and float chamber cover bare aluminium, zinc-plated screws and fittings, semi-gloss carburettor cap.
Control cable sheaths Grey.
Saddles Black medium grain imitation leather with “Innocenti” rear script.
Silencer Body and circlip black, header chromed, bezel cadmium-plated.

Chromed parts

Frame Handlebar, levers and details, rear dampers (reinforced type only).
Electrical parts Headlamp and tail light bezels, horn grille, light switch cover.
Engine Exhaust header and circlip, pedal cranks.
Wheels Rims.
Cadmium-plated parts (zinc-plated from 1959/1960)
Front fork Front wheel carriers and nuts.
Frame All screws and bolts, lubricators, steeringhead bearing caps, special washers, bushes, stand spring, saddle stem.
Electrical parts Light switch circlip, air filter lever.
Engine Levers, studs, screws.
Wheels Nuts, bushes, wheel hub brake levers, rear cog, spokes.

Burnished parts
Engine Bushes.
Frame Crank pivots.

Polished parts
Frame Lifting handle, handlebar lever carriers, dampers (aluminium reinforced type).

Lechler system colours
Earth Grey 8041
Pompei Red 8045
Lambro Grey 8034
Aluminium (engine and frame) Fiat 690

Maintenance data
Fuel/oil mixture 5%
Spark plug Bosch 225/240 long thread
Engine oil SAE 15/50, 400g
Carburettor Dell’Orto T5-11S
max jet 62 – Valve 50
Carburettor Dell’Orto T5-12S
max jet 60 – Valve 50