Lambretta scooter with children

The scooter museum – where Lambretta is prominently represented – was established by the unrelenting efforts of the Italian Vittorio Tessera. Vittorio has dedicated his life to scooters, and more particularly Lambretta scooters.

Family Innocenti

At the age of 18 Vittorio opened the first Lambretta service shop in Italy, and traveled throughout the country for the parts his customers needed.

Throughout the ‘80s Vittorio decided to expand his shop with a scooter museum. In 1985 he approached the founders of Lambretta: the Innocenti family. Convinced by Vittorio’s enthusiasm, the Innocenti family made the Lambretta archives available to Vittorio, with exceptional video- and promotional materials, and a few very rare Lambretta scooters to add to the museum. It can be said that the Innocenti family entrusted the heart and soul of Lambretta to Vittorio.

From living room to museum

This was the beginning of the museum that Vittorio started at his home. After a few years Vittorio was given the opportunity to relocate the museum to a classroom. Many years later – in 2006 – the Rodano community made an even larger space available to Vittorio, at only a stones throw from Milan for a period of 10 years. This is also the current location of the museum. In exchange, Vittorio maintains the neighbouring playground for the children of Rodano (Milan).

Lambretta scooter museum by Vittorio Tessera