Vittorio is well known not only in Italy, but throughout the world. He therefore often receives requests to loan out a scooter for special occasions. Vittorio however refuses to even entertain that notion. The scooters in his museum are simply too rare. The guestbook in his museum confirms this. Scooter fanatics from around the world are incredibly enthusiastic, and very impressed by his unique collection.

Michael, USA

“I’ve never seen such an extensive collection. I’m very impressed.”

Kai, Japan

“Vittorio even managed to get his hands on some unique Japanese scooters. It’s fantastic!”

Jane, Australia

“This museum made the trip to Rodano worth while!”

Tom, United Kingdom

“Each scooter was rarer that the previous one. We were continuously surprised by what we saw.”

Victoria, Ireland

“My four year old son couldn’t believe his eyes. Lambretta just got a new (young) fan.”

Claude, France

“I’m thrilled that there are still people like Vittorio around. The museum is his life’s work and we’re privileged to enjoy it.”

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