FD Series 2 125

The major change compared to the earlier models (LB and LC) was that the 125 FD’s three wheels were arranged in conventional tricycle fashion, making it a lot more stable to drive.



Date of production December 1952 ~ December 1953
total production 4.841
Capacity 123 cc
Bore x stroke 52×58 mm
Carburettor Dellorto MA 18 B2
Gear 3 speeds Hand Controlled (Teleflex)
Power 5 cv a 4800 rev/min
Speed max 55 Km/h
Tyre Size 4×8, front 21 lb, rear 53 lb
Brakes Three drum brakes, hand-brake and hydraulics on rear wheels.
Tank capacity 7.5 L, 0.7 L reserve
Consumption 35 (Km/L)
Weight 145 kg
Overall length 2510 mm
Overall height 1295 mm
Overall width 1300 mm
Colors Green and grey.
Price 185 Francs